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Share your light on this earth

Join the School for Intuitives

Share your light on this earth

Our School for Intuitives is a safe, warm tribe of intuitive students and teachers, lightworkers, highly sensitives, intuitives, healers and starseeds. We support you to freely and fully share your light, love, gifts, clear senses and soul energy here on earth.

As a member you can enjoy the wisdom, tools, healing and guidance of Nathasja Gootjes and her guides. Together with other like-minded souls in a warmhearted and lively tribe of lightbringers.

Every month you can discover new meditations, tools, messages, practices and classes.

And enjoy monthly check-ins (go-lives or inspiration).

For sharing, support, love and recognition. A place that reminds you that you belong.


Our intention is to guide you:

* Fully sharing your Light here on earth

* Following your own soul’s path

* Creating a life that supports your true nature and mission

* Finding those tools and resources that help you to rebalance your, body, energy and emotions

* Finding your own unique way of being of service to others.

* Living and working intuitively

* Combining your own wisdom, that of your ancestors and that of others instead of sticking to 1 method and doing it by the books.

I wish for you to be able to freely share your love, light and gifts here on earth in your own unique way. 

To follow the calling of your intuition & soul and raise your own frequency and that of our beautiful planet Mother Earth.


‘Because your light is needed and you are meant to a life full of connection, joy, fulfilment and love.’


~ Nathasja Gootjes ~

Are you ready to fully share your Love & Light?

The three elements of our School

We offer you Wisdom, Healing and an amazing Tribe to support you as a Lightbringer to: 

  • learn and master energy management tools
  • experience your highsensitivity as a power instead of a burden
  • taste amazing healing methods and learn new skills
  • develop your intuition
  • deepen your own clear senses and wisdom
  • grow spiritually and find your own way
  • remember your healing wisdom
  • navigate life’s challenges with more ease
  • nourish your sensitivity, body and soul
  • let go of all that no longer serves you
  • raise your frequency
  • organically and intuitively find your own way to express your gifts & mission
  • enjoy a safe space with other Lightbringers and Belong
  • exchange support, recognition and wisdom

 Read more about our three elements below.

‘You as a Lightbringer have all you need inside. Your wisdom is waiting for you to be remembered again.’

~ Nathasja Gootjes ~

wisdom magic<br />


You have great wisdom within. Your magic is waiting to be found, remembered and re-awakened.

This happens when you feel safe, get inspired and regularly connect with your spirituality and Soul.

We offer you teachings & tools from a wide range of powerful, intuitive healers.

Like my Energy management tools (grounding, cleansing, centering, filtering, recharging) and connecting with plants & trees, working with crystals.

Exploring these will help you to find your own set of tools and resources and remember ancient ways to heal.

And to create a life that supports you in being of service with your wisdom and gifts.

For yourself and those around you.


Being part of this school offers you the healing of those parts of you that keep you from sharing your light.

You let go of what no longer serves you.

You remember and activate your qualities and gifts.

You raise your vibrations by doing what you love.

You start to embody what you are predetermined to become. A High Priestess, a Goddess, a Fairy, a Guide, a LoveBringer, a Shaman or any other energy you came here with.

By connecting with your own magic, gaining wisdom and practicing tools.

By exploring your uniqueness.

By connecting with others like you in our safe, loving tribe.

And having access to support in our circle and 1-on-1 guidance with discount. 


community circle tribe

Our Lightbringers Tribe is a safe place where you  remember that you Belong.

We offer support and hold space when you need help and understanding.

When you want to celebrate and acknowledge the joyfulness of life.

And share your findings, questions, experiences and wisdom in a safe space where we understand what you mean. 

We are like you and go through the same things, experience similar challenges and feel the magic. We know there is more than the eye can see.

Our values are unconditional love, safety, connection, intuitiveness, genuineness & curiosity, quality, supportiveness and magic.

‘You do not have to do this alone. There are many like you. And your guides are waiting to help you remember and support you.’

~ Nathasja Gootjes ~

As a member you will receive

  • Access to our Tribe with like-minded souls comitted to sharing their Light.
  • Every month access to a new practice, tool or class: healing and practical skills, and how to create a life that supports you. 
  • Monthly check-ins for support, tips & trics, healings, personal card readings and Q&A in our Tribe.
  • 1 personal guidance call.
  • Discounts on our other online or in person courses and workshops offered by Nathasja Gootjes and other powerful intuitive healers.
  • Discounts on 1-on-1 guidance:
    personal healing sessions, spiritual guidance, starting your own healing sessions. 


For 20 euros per month you do not have to walk your path alone and receive the warm guidance, support, wisdom and healing you are looking for. Get your subscription here.

You can step in any month and cancel your subscription before the end of the month.


‘You are allowed to walk your path in your own pace. And share your Light in your own unique way.’

~ Nathasja Gootjes ~

About Nathasja Gootjes – founder

High Priestess of Divine Love & Spiritual Guide & Energy Healer 

sjamaan klankschaal<br />

‘After a nearly fatal accident more than 24 years ago I was forced to stop and listen to my body. It made space for my feelings and intuition. I realised I was stuck and not happy with my life. And I knew that I was the only one who could make the change.

I heard my Soul calling me home. I started a journey into the depths of my soul and felt there was so much more. I rediscovered my intuitive gifts and clear senses. I remembered the wisdom of my Soul, ancestors and of those healers who went before me.

In time I met each of the 8 Sha’s, my team of guides that are here to remind me of my qualities. I am sourrounded and guided by  Mother Mary, the druide Merlin, the Essenes, Magdalenes and Archangel Michael.

I also started connecting with  the spirit of plants and trees in nature and animals guides. Sacred Geometry, Devas and the 4 elements became part of my healing sessions.

It was the start of a life full of magic, joy and fulfilment……… 

Opening up to these two elements supported me to go forward on my path and made this other life I dreamt of possible:

* The wisdom, energy tools and healing methods of my mentors and guides for healing and rememberance of my gifts.

* Connecting with tribes full of love, support and understanding with like-minded souls.

This enabled me to grow. To heal those parts that needed safety to take the nexts steps on my souls path. To understand my body, energy and power. To activate my courage, trust, old and new gifts.

And last but not least: to be fully me: a powerful and grounded highly sensitive woman, a guide, healer and High Priestess of Divine Love offering my light and unconditional  love in my own unique way. For those who need it . Knowing who I am and servicing others with my Light.

The School for Intuitives came to me in a vision beginning of 2022.  With this School I am offering this to other lightbringers so they can make this transformation too.’


What other Lightbringers Say

“Nathasja, you were my beacon of safety. You feel safe and powerful enough to carry what is and what is emerging. I’ve been able to lean against you, and that’s so amazing. You are so involved and were also there for me. I wish everyone a Nathasja.”

“Meeting you has changed my life completely. In the session with you I finally had that breakthrough that I have been waiting for for years. I have finally taken the new path, I feel a new consciousness.  It was time after many years of shadow work. I have come home to my essence and feel my  authentic power flowing again. In my relationships and my work as a energy healer.
I am embracing my inner self. Thank you so much!”

“During Nathasja Masterclasses I learned so may amazing tools, real life aids. Her courses are always warm and connective . Being in her Masterclasses really changed my life. When I use these resources being in the city I feel so centered and relax throughout the day. Normally I would feel anxiety, stress and overwhelm,  especially when there is a lot going on around me.  But applying her tools feels so good! Even my husband notices I am so much more me. I feel a lot more calm and more connected to myself.

“During her workshop I learned how to restore my energy after fatigue, stress and illness and avoid energy leakage. Often after a day of working I would feel depleted. Now, when I notice I am getting a little tired I use her tools and this immediately gets my energy levels back up. So grateful!”

“I experience Nathasja as a sensitive woman with a strong gift to pick up what is going on with the other person. She has a lot of knowledge about high sensitivity and how to deal with it. She held up a beautiful mirror to me on how I can better deal with my own sensitivity, with many concrete tips and suggestions. I have always experienced my sensitivity as a man as something undesirable. Nathasja helped me remember that it is also a power and gift, which I would call the power of Nathasja. “

“When I first met Nathasja, I immediately noticed that she really saw me. I also knew that she could help me heal a very fragile wound based in past life experiences. After the first session I was so happy that I followed my intuition that it gave me the courage to go even deeper than I had dared to do myself. All thanks to her professionalism interwoven with spiritual wisdom and the right sensitivity, without downsizing the basis she provides as a coach. I will always be grateful to her for  walking this part of my life path with me.

“The guidance of Nathasja has resulted in a different state of being. I am no longer hyjacked by my emotions, but observe them and can let them be for what they are.  I have no judgment about what I do or don’t feel or do and am not driven by what others feel or think. I experience complete acceptance, trust, purity, happiness, bliss. The feeling of spring!

Nathasja, you were my beacon of safety. You feel safe and powerful enough to carry what is present in me and what is emerging. I’ve been able to lean against you, and that’s so amazing. You are so involved and were always there for me. I wish everyone to have a guide like  Nathasja.

Thank you so very much. I’m so incredibly happy with the transformations as a result of your guidance. I believe that you always meet certain people, your guides, at the right time, when you need it and when you are ready to learn something new or transform your life. And that has now been proven for me once again by meeting you.

“What a crazy week it was! I still felt my stomach the day of the session. The next day I suddenly had a lot of energy. I cleaned half the house and then still had strength left (which I never have because of my physical problems). The rest of the week I had more energy and felt stronger.